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 SRCLD Presentations 

2020 Posters - All Sessions
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PS3S19 - 16-month-olds comprehend "breaked" better than "broke"
Megan Figueroa - University of Arizona
Mira Nathan - University of Arizona
LouAnn Gerken - University of Arizona

PS3S21 - A Meta-Analysis of Language-Focused Math Interventions for English Language Learners
Genesis Arizmendi - University of New Mexico
Jui-Teng Li - University of New Mexico
M. Lee Van Horn - University of New Mexico
H. Lee Swanson - University of New Mexico

PS1F10 - A Review of Commercially Available Screening Tests Used to Identify Risk of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
Xue Bao - MGH Institute of Health Professions
Tiffany Hogan - MGH Institute of Health Professions

PS2F05 - A Systematic Review of Academic Discourse Interventions for School-Aged Children with Language-Related Learning Disabilities
Amy Peterson - Utah State University
Carly Fox - Utah State University
Megan Israelsen - Utah State University

PS1F02 - Acquisition of Presupposition Trigger ye ‘also’ by Mandarin-speaking Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders / Shasha An, Cory Bill, Xiaowei He
Shasha An - Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Cory Bill - Konstanz University
Xiaowei He - Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

PS2F11 - After Initial Retrieval Practice, More Retrieval Produces Better Retention than More Study in the Word Learning of Children with DLD
Laurence Leonard - Purdue University
Patricia Deevy - Purdue University
Jeffrey Karpicke - Purdue University
Sharon Christ - Purdue University
Justin Kueser - Purdue University
Christine Weber - Purdue University

PS1F26 - Assessing pragmatic language in 18-to 47-months-old Norwegian children: the Norwegian adaptation of the Language Use Inventory
Wenche A H Helland - a)Helse Fonna HF b) University of Bergen, Norway
Lillian H Møllerhaug - Helse Fonna HF, Norway

PS2F01 - Assessing Vocabulary Knowledge in Children with Hearing Loss: Considering More Than Breadth
Jena McDaniel - University of Kansas
Kaitlyn Johnston Minchin - Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Melanie Schuele - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

PS1F12 - Assessing Vocal Development in Children who are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing: The Assessment Purposes of Speech-Language Pathologists
Olivia Daub - University of Western Ontario
Marlene Bagatto - University of Western Ontario
Janis Oram Cardy - University of Western Ontario

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Supported in part by: NIDCD and NICHD, NIH, R13 DC001677, Susan Ellis Weismer, Principal Investigator
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders