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 SRCLD Presentations 

2007 Posters - All Sessions
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A Preliminary Evaluation of Two Language Screeners with Bilingual Children
Jacqueline Kreiter Kotas - San Diego State University
Gabriela Simon-Cereijido - San Diego State University/University of California
Vera GutiƩrrez-Clellen - San Diego State University

Acoustic Analysis of Prelinguistic Vocalizations in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Elizabeth Schoen - Yale Child Study Center
Rhea Paul - Southern Connecticut State University, Yale Child Study Center
Katarzyna Chawarska - Yale Child Study Center
Ami Klin - Yale Child Study Center
Fred Volkmar - Yale Child Study Center

Acquisition of consonant clusters by Greek-speaking children: Word-initial /s/-stop and stop-/s/ sequences
Asimina Syrika - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jan Edwards - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katerina Nikolaidis - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Mary Beckman - Ohio State University

Acquisition of stop burst cues in English and Greek
Timothy Arbisi-Kelm - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Eunjong Kong - Ohio State University
Mary Beckman - Ohio State University
Jan Edwards - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Adult Performance on Clinical Marker Tasks for Specific Language Impairment
Gerard Poll - Pennsylvania State University
Stacy Betz - University of Washington

Are Children with SLI Challanged by the Lexical or Grammatical Components of Compound Words?
Karla McGregor - University of Iowa
Gwyneth Rost - University of Iowa
Ling Yu Guo - University of Iowa

Ramesh Kaipa - Masters student (Speech & Hearing), Dr.M.V Shetty College Of Speech & Hearing, Mangalore, India.
Archana Jaolekar - Lecturer, Dr.M.V Shetty College Of Speech and Hearing, Mangalore, India.
Praveen Kumar C.G. - Masters student (Speech & Hearing) , Dr.M.V Shetty College Of Speech & Hearing, Mangalore, India.
Piyush Sone - Bachelors student (Speech & Hearing), Dr.M.V Shetty College Of Speech & Hearing, Mangalore, India.

Associations of Receptive Language and Phonological Awareness in Bilingual Preschool Children
Megan Dunn Davison - Pennsylvania State University
Carol Scheffner Hammer - Pennsylvania State University
Adele Miccio - Pennsylvania State University
Frank Lawrence - Pennsylvania State University

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Supported in part by: NIDCD and NICHD, NIH, R13 DC001677, Susan Ellis Weismer, Principal Investigator
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders