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 SRCLD Presentations 

2002 Symposia
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A New Method for Determining Creativity in Early Grammatical Development using High Density Developmental Corpora: Crosslinguistic Comparisons
Elena Lieven - Max Planck Institute
Kai Kiekhoefer - Max Planck Institute
Heike Behrens - Max Planck Institute
Anna Theakston - Manchester University
Marilyn Vihman - University of Wales, Bangor
Ewa Dabrowska - Sheffield University
Michael Tomasello - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Acquiring Tense and Aspect in African American English
Jill de Villiers - Smith College
Janice Jackson - University of South Carolina
Toya Wyatt - Calstate, Fullerton
Mike Walsh Dickey - Northwestern University
Bart Hollebrandse - University of Groningen
Lisa Green - Univ of Texas at Austin
Michael Terry - University of Massachusetts

Acquiring the Unique Features of African American English
Jill de Villiers - Smith College
Michael Terry - University of Massachusetts
Marissa Fond - Smith College
Min-Joo Kim - University of Massachusetts
Barbara Zurer Pearson - University of Massachusetts
Lamya Abdulkarim - University of Massachusetts
Elena Benedicto - Purdue University
Harry Seymour - University of Massachusetts
D'Jaris Coles-White - Wayne State University
Tom Roeper - University of Massachusetts
Elizabeth Johnson-Quayle - Wayne State University
Frances Burns - University of MA-Amherst
Linda Bland-Stewart - George Washington University

Acquisition of Morphology: Paradigm Structure and Input Dependence
Mary Swift - University of Rochester
Sabine Stoll - Max Planck Institute
Barbara Pfeiler - Universidad of Yucatan
Dagmar Bittner - University of Potsdam
Heike Behrens - Max Planck Institute
Klaus-Michael Köpcke - University of Hannover

Application of neuroimaging in language research
Elena Plante - University of Arizona
Scott K. Holland - Children's Hospital Medical Center, Univ of Cincinnati
Anna Byars - Children's Hospital Medical Center, Univ of Cincinnati
Valerie L. Shafer - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Susan Ellis Weismer - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Angela Hein Ciccia - Case Western Reserve University

Atypical Learners: A Primer on Possibilities and Pitfalls
Mabel Rice - University of Kansas
Judith R. Johnston - University of British Columbia
Barbara Bernhardt - University of British Columbia
Peter de Villiers - Smith College
Carolyn Mervis - University of Louisville
Jon F. Miller - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Donna Thal - San Diego State University
Steven Warren - Vanderbilt University
Ann Peters - University of Hawaii

Conflict Talk across Cultures
Jiansheng Guo - California State U, Hayward
Nereyda Hurtado - UC Santa Barbara
Amy Kyratzis - UC Santa Barbara
Keiko Nakamura - Keio University
Twila Tardif - University of Michigan
Margarita Wulftange - UC Santa Barbara
Catherine Snow - Harvard University

Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on Prosody
Marilyn Vihman - University of Wales, Bangor
Satsuki Nakai - University of Wales, Bangor
Sari Kunnari - University of Oulu
Contixa Lléo - University of Hamburg
Margaret Kehoe-Winkler - Universität Hamburg
Ulrike Gut - Universitaet Bielefeld
Heike Behrens - Max Planck Institute
Carol Stoel-Gammon - University of Washington

Early language acquisition by infants and toddlers
Jenny Saffran - University of Wisconsin-Madison
James Morgan - Brown University
Toben Mintz - University of Southern California
Sandra R. Waxman - Northwestern University

Exploring Issues of Language Disorder and Modality Through the Study of Atypical Signers
Bencie Woll - City University of London
Nicola Grove - City University of London
Joanna Atkinson - City University of London
Gary Morgan - City University of London
Neil Smith - University College of London
Ianthi Tsimpli - University of Cambridge
Harry Sieratzki - University College of London

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Supported in part by: NIDCD and NICHD, NIH, R13 DC001677, Susan Ellis Weismer, Principal Investigator
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders